Water, food and hope was scarce. At the tender age of 13 Mary watched other young girls being sold into marriage and she was
afraid the same fate awaited her. Mary’s brother went to government school but whenever Mary brought up the idea to her father the answer was always the same.
“You are a girl. You do not need to go to school. You serve no purpose other than to provide me a goat.”
Mary realized her destiny was no longer her own. In Zambia girls are seen as a source of income for the family. If a girl is not given an education she is raised to give away, to trade them through marriage for a goat or a small amount of money.
Mary’s husband paid a small price for her and then she was made to pay an even steeper price in another currency: forced sex. Her life was not her own. She longed to be in school, instead she faced a life of abuse all before she even turned 14. Her husband soon left her, now leaving her alone; uneducated with no job skills eating and sleeping in the trash dump. This young lady found her way to our school and begged for protection and schooling.
Every girl in our orphanage has a story, they are slowly healing and are now given a chance to start anew. Girls that once lived on the street are now living as a family. Many of the girls we serve have never had a bed of their own. They struggle living on the streets to find some sort of shelter each day. The House of Hope will be a safe, Christ loving refuge that they can call “home”.
Compassion. It’s not a task or a trend. But a lifestyle. Help build the House of Hope orphanage so we can protect these young girls.

Help Build the Girls House of Hope