As a sponsor, I know your heart aches for your sponsored child. You may hang their picture on your refrigerator. You may scour the craft store looking for just the right sticker pack, pencil or craft to fit into an envelope to help express your care, and want for them to smile and enjoy your letter. Your sponsorship is a way of taking in a child on the other side of the world. You want to protect them, you pray for them, and your sponsorship helps to provide for them. If you were living in Zambia I’m sure you would scoop as many as you could fit in your house and want to take care of each and every one of them. That is just what one widow is doing in Zambia. Meet Elizabeth Phiri, a “mother” to 9 orphans in her three room house. All of the children lost both of their parents and had nowhere else to turn. Elizabeth took them in; a set of siblings at first and then she heard of more children that are young, alone and in need so she opened her doors to them.

The home Elizabeth shares with her children–they painted Psalm 105:15 on the door

Elizabeth buys second hand clothes and ladies’ bags and modifies them to sell to the surrounding community. With the money she is able to provide a second meal to the children on top of the meal they are provided at school. When asked why she took the children in, her response was simple. “These children had a need and I was able to help provide for them.” Simple as that. A need was taken care of. There are so many children in Zambia that have needs. A need for love. For food. For shelter. For education. Thank you for providing for each of those needs through your sponsorship!

You can help meet needs of children in Zambia