Timothy is not your typical 19 year old. He is a double orphan, which means that he has no mother or father. He has not been in a classroom since 2015 and holds onto the hope that someday he will return to one.

Growing up, he lived with an aunt because his mother had cancer and his father was dead. He and his sister were in and out of school and in and out of his aunt’s home because she would often chase them from the house. They were treated like animals, getting only the table scraps as meals. They were beaten and slept outside. In Zambia, orphans are considered second-class citizens, unworthy of love or attention. Outcasts. In Timothy’s words, “It seems like no one cares for me and my sister, we have never been loved or even liked.”

“I want to go back to school so that I can have a good job and help other street kids and orphans to achieve their dreams. That is my vision and dream. And I really want to go back to school because school is my future. If you can help me I will be very grateful, I have not been in school for 3 years. Please, please help.”

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