Does sponsorship make a difference to a child in our schools? African vision of Hope has 5 schools in Zambia, totaling 3,000 students. Of those 3,000 pupils, only 800 are sponsored.  We asked Clothildah, an African Vision of Hope graduate: what difference does sponsorship make in the life of a Zambian child?

Does sponsorship make a difference?

“Sponsorship makes a very big difference in the life of a student. Children who are sponsored feel that they are loved and cared for. They feel special when someone writes to them. When unsponsored children see their friends receiving letters they feel sad and left out. They would love to have a sponsor who cares about them, too.”

Tell us about school in Zambia.

“There are not enough classrooms, sometimes there are up to 50 kids in one room in government schools. There are not enough desks, so sometimes you have to stand for the whole class, even after walking over an hour to school. You all have to squeeze together so you fit in the room. It is hard to focus in those conditions, but you try your best because you are grateful to have a place in a classroom. So many kids want to go to school, REALLY want to go to school, but there are not enough spots open for them or they cannot pay. A lot of kids are turned away. Girls have the most trouble staying in school. Most don’t make it to high school because they have to do their school work on top of all of their home duties. There is no time for homework and studying when you are trying to cook and fetch water and take care of your family. Having a sponsor would encourage them to stay in school and pursue their goals.”

What would you like to tell us about child sponsorship?

“Knowing that your school fees are paid for takes a big burden off of a Zambian child’s shoulders. They can be confident that they will be able to have an education and a future. Sponsorship gives a child hope. They know that someone cares enough about them that they would pay for them to go to school and take the time to write them. Sponsorship also encourages children to stay in school. It keeps them going and striving to succeed.”

What should I write to my sponsored child about?

“You can write about anything in a letter to your child and they will treasure it. Just write about life and your family and what you like to do. I think that just receiving the letter and hearing from their sponsor makes a difference. Tell your sponsored child what they mean to you. Tell them you care about them.”

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