Agriculture is the backbone of sub Saharan Africa. Farming provides needed food and income for rural farmers, 80% of them being women. Droughts combined with poor farming practices have led to a lack of food in many areas. Practices such as burning of crop waste, tilling and plowing with oxen has reduced yields and destroyed the soil.

“We are working with rural farmers to teach conservation farming and practices such as no tillage, crop rotation, and

Mwala with his onion crop

composting. This will increase yields and reduces soil erosion. Our farm also provides beans, corn, and chickens for the African Vision of Hope schools as well as the community. We grow our own seedlings along with tomatoes and other pilot crops. People come from long distances to grind their corn on our hammer mills. Working together has provided opportunities to share God’s love both verbally and physically.” – Mwala, Farm Manager of African Vision of Hope Chikumbi Farm

The farm is an important part of the school lunch program. Utilizing Locally grown food benefits both the children and rural farmers. Providing a nourishing lunch increases school attendance, expands access to education for poor children and improves their health and cognitive development. This is the only meal many of them will eat that day. Simply put, if a child does not eat, they probably will have a difficult time learning. Because of generous donors, more than 3000 children receive a hot, nutritious lunch every school day. You can become part of their story today.


Give towards sustaining the farm and providing healthy lunches