“There must be some word today from my (sponsor) so far away Please Mister Postman, look and see Is there a letter, a letter for me…”

Have you ever wondered about the journey your mail takes when you send it to your sponsored child? We decided to follow your letters to Zambia to show you the 8,400-mile path it travels.

First, your letters arrive in Maryville, Illinois at the African Vision of Hope office. The packages and letters are checked by volunteers and employees to make sure the sponsorship ID is correct and they document that a letter or package came in for your child. After being checked, the mail is then boxed up to ship, or it is packed in luggage to be carried into Zambia by hand. The mail then travels from Maryville, Illinois to Washington DC. Next, it hops across the ocean and lands in Ghana, Africa for a short stop. After that, It makes its way to Johannesburg, South Africa where it is then sent on to its final destination in Lusaka, Zambia.

After arriving in Lusaka, your letters and packages are retrieved by African Vision of Hope’s Zambian Child Sponsorship Coordinator, Elliott Mwanza. Elliott must go to the post office to get the mail because there are no mailboxes or front door postal services in the country. Elliott then takes the mail back to the African Vision of Hope office and organizes it by school. He hand-delivers every letter and package to every student! It is a happy day when students see Mr. Mwanza coming with his big green pail full of mail.

We send letters and packages to Zambia every six weeks. Your sponsored child loves reading your letters and seeing your pictures, so keep them coming! Thank you for taking the time to invest in kids living half way across the globe.


Our mailing address is: 8 Professional Park Drive, Maryville Illinois, 62062.


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