Fund A Project

Join hands with other supporters to help with large projects. You can help support our ongoing projects and play a part in transforming lives. Some ways you can get involved:

Please Pray For...
  • Purchase a share to dig a new well
  • Raise funds to purchase seed and fertilizer for the farm
  • Help provide bicycles for leaders or teachers
  • Sponsor one of our seminary students
  • Raise funds to construct a new skills training building for sewing, farming, carpentry and welding
  • Help purchase equipment for the farm
  • Provide families in the communities of Zambia with livestock through our conservation farm
  • Raise funds to construct new classroom buildings at one of our 5 schools


If you are interested in getting involved through funding a specific project, contact us and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.

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If you want to donate to our general programs fund, click here.