Meet Mary

Mary used to live on the street, scared to close her eyes and sleep at night for fear that a man would come and take advantage of her. Her family was going to sell her to an old man who would pay her dowry, a dowry that will help feed the family that she is leaving behind. Mary was in an impossible situation: sell her body for food to eat, or starve to death. She wants books, not to be a bride.

When the African Vision of Hope Girls House of Hope Orphanage is completed, girls like Mary will go from poverty to possibility, from hopelessness to healed. This House of Hope will be a rescue center for young orphan girls who are suffering on the street. Be part of that transformation.

Through prayers and your support the well has been drilled to provide fresh water to the orphanage, the fence is up, and the building is taking shape. We still must raise $100,000.00 to complete the funding of the building expenses and to finish furnishing the House of Hope. Each bed in the Girls House of Hope will cost $150.00 per month to cover the living expenses. Your monthly sponsorship will serve these girls in the following ways:

A Safe Home

Many of the girls we serve have never had a bed of their own. They struggle living on the streets to find some sort of shelter each day.

The Healing Love Of Christ

The House of Hope will be a safe, Christ Loving, refuge that they can call “Home”. Christian house parents and pastors to help the healing process.

A Loving Family

So many girls have told us that prior to coming to African Vision of Hope they never remember getting a hug.

Feeding The Mind & Body

These girls will be feed nutritious food as their minds are being challenged to grow in knowledge.


Rescue and bring HOPE to a girl in need.

The monthly operational costs for each girl at the Hope House is $150.00. This includes providing

  • Clothing, Toiletries, Bedding
  • All Meals
  • Medical Care
  • Loving Christian Houseparents
  • Transportation

Through the Hope Legacy program you can sponsor a bed, this monthly gift will provide continuously for the needs of young vulnerable girls.


Your onetime gift will bring Hope and a future

A one time donation towards completing the new House of Hope or funding the necessary bus will make a lasting impact. With your donation you will be providing:

  • Beds
  • Dressers
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • & more…

Construction Progress

We are excited to be into the building phases of this life changing facility. Following are pictures of the property and the progress. We will keep adding new sections as the progress continues. Click on the sections to expand and expose the thumbnail images. Click on the images to see the full size images.

Our New Property


Drilling A Well


Installing The Fence


Digging The Foundation

Foundation 1
Foundation 2
Foundation 3

Pouring The Footings

Footings 1
Footings 2
Footings 3

Building The Foundation

Foundation Walls 1
Foundation Walls 2
Foundation Walls 3
Foundation Walls 4
Foundation Walls 5
Foundation Walls 6

Pouring The Floors

Floors 1
Floors 2
Floors 3

Building The Walls

Walls 1
Walls 2
Walls 3
Walls 4
Walls 5
Walls 6
Walls 7
Walls 8
Walls 9
Walls 10
Walls 11
Walls 12

Prepping For Rafters

Toplate 1
Toplate 2
Toplate 3

Installing Rafters & Plumbing

Rafters 1
Rafters 2
Rafters 3