As a sponsor, you get to be a prayer partner, lifting up the needs of your sponsored child. With each new letter from your sponsor may come a new prayer request. To pray for her because math is hard. For her sibling who is not feeling well or for a parent who is without a job. With each letter comes a privilege to go to the Lord on your sweet sponsored child’s behalf. Praying for a child you’ve never met may come easy to you or it may seem intimidating. We came up with a few simple ideas around the office we use in our own prayer life for our sponsored child.

Write them down: Keep a notebook and write down any prayer requests from your sponsored child. You may not always get a prayer request in your letter but you can always pray for: your sponsored child’s health, their school work and their walk with God.

Ask Questions: The next time you write, ask your sponsored child about school, how her sibling is feeling or if their parent did get that job. They may not answer your question but they will know that you have been praying.

Don’t overthink it: Always keep your sponsored child in your mind. Keep their picture on your refrigerator, when you open the door to get something to drink, pray that your sweet child is nourished today. When you sit down to read a book, pray that your child is having a good day at school. They are quick specific prayers that can be powerful.