Ending Poverty Through Education in Africa

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Through Your Gifts You Have Impacted the Face of Education

  • Schools


    African Vision of Hope has 5 schools in Zambia providing education and opportunity to vulnerable and orphaned children living in extreme poverty

  • Educating Children

    Educating Children

    2,500 children are currently enrolled in grades 1-12

  • High School Graduates

    High School Graduates

    216 children have graduated high school

  • Further Education

    Further Education

    45 students are pursuing higher education, and 44 have graduated from college or seminary

Teaching children who they are in Christ – Removing barriers to education

African Vision of Hope is having an impact on education by eliminating many of the barriers our students once encountered.

  • Training teachers maximizes their ability to help children learn.
  • The nutrition program feeds the children who might not otherwise have a meal every day.
  • Financial sponsorship has allowed students to have the necessary supplies for school.
  • Wells with clean water have saved hours of walking time to get the family’s daily supply of water.
  • Safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene practice have warded off disease.
  • Health clinics provide vitamins and other basic medical needs to keep children and mothers healthy.
  • Scholarships for formal education allows students to obtain a college degree
  • Including HIV/AIDS curriculum as part of the African Vision of Hope educational system in Africa helps slow the spread of infection


 Support the African Vision of Hope Education Program

African Vision of Hope Higher Education

Our first African Vision of Hope school opened in 2003. Since then, the small children that sat at our desks have grown into young men and women determined to continue their education and to break the chain of poverty.

From Despair to Hope

  • Acklass In The First Classroom

    Acklass In The First Classroom

  • Acklass In Grade 3

    Acklass In Grade 3

  • Acklass In Grade 7

    Acklass In Grade 7

  • Acklass Today

    Acklass Today

Acklass is a living example of success for African Vision of Hope schools.

By the time he entered 3rd grade, he had already lived through the death of his father, then his mother, followed by his grandmother. He had been passed around to extended family members and ended up with the brother of his grandmother, who had no money to pay the required fees for the public schools.

He was overjoyed to have found African Vision of Hope. “I was very happy to start school again because I had stayed at home for many months and I had missed school,” he said. “When I started, I worked very hard in my academic work.”

He has since graduated high school and is now a college student. African Vision of Hope continues to support him as he strives toward a higher education that will allow him to rise out of extreme poverty. “The opportunity to be in school is true God’s grace,” he said. “I am grown up physically, spiritually and mentally. God bless the African Vision Hope Team.”


Commitment to ending poverty through education

“Without education, AIDS will continue its rampant spread. With AIDS out of control, education will be out of reach.”
-Dr Peter Piot, Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)