When I was a child I learned to ride a bike as most kids did; my father held onto the back of the bike while I wobbled down the sidewalk with a look of fear across my face. We did that again and again (there may have been tears involved) until one time he let go and I was biking on my own. I realized the other day that learning to ride a bike is a lot like learning to trust God.

I did not want to learn to ride my bike without my training wheels, I was perfectly content having those extra wheels to balance me on my path. Just like my earthly Father in the garage taking off my precious training wheels our Heavenly Father calls us to do things we have not asked for. Why does God seemingly put us in positions that make us feel uncomfortable and are usually outside of our comfort zone? The short answer is that God wants to use us.

Yes that’s right, you. Serving is not about lavish acts; it’s about offering up every little choice, every step, and every decision to God’s plan. It’s about saying in each moment, “Here I am Lord, use me.” It is in this submission that we slowly start to transform ourselves and the world around us. Reaching beyond ourselves.

My dad took my training wheels off because he was tired of me getting stuck at the big bump in the sidewalk. Every time I would hit that bump I would sit there with my wheels spinning unable to move forward, I was stuck. God wants to take the training wheels off of our faith so that He can take us places we have never been before. When we open ourselves up to God’s plan we put our faith in Him into action and we are able to go further than we could have ever imagined.