The Dishwasher

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If you ask a Zambian student if they know what a dishwasher is, they will tell you “Yes”, after all it is the person responsible for cleaning the plates, cups, pots, and utensils each day. The make shift “houses” of the compounds have no indoor water or plumbing, very few will have any electricity, and for everyone washing the dishes as well as bathing is a chore that is done outside.

Water is fetched and carried multiple times per day, gathering it from public taps scattered throughout the compounds. For those that are blessed, it may just be a block away, for others, it can be a 10 minute walk each way.

Life in the compound is built upon chores such as washing dishes being dedicated to the youngest female capable. They become capable at a very young age. Because they are valuable to the people keeping them for such chores, this limits their wasting of time to such things as school and an education. Those things are reserved for the male children when it can be afforded, young girls are more valuable doing chores for the people they are staying with or being rented out for a few coins.

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