In Zambia, girls born in poverty are extremely vulnerable. They have little hope of breaking their cycle of poverty. Inelly Mvula is one of those girls. Inelly used to go to school but had to stop in grade 8 because her parents could not pay her school fees. She now lives with her sister and says:

“I really want to go to back to school. I know school is the only way I can live a good life and find a good job. I work selling food at a tavern as a means of survival for me and my sister’s family. I face a lot of challenges here such as old men proposing to me and abuse. I would love to go back to school, but my sister needs me to continue making money for her family. I have become a slave to her, but I keep working so that I can have shelter. I know one day things will change.”

The challenge many Zambian children face is the inability to go to school because their families need them to work and make an income, just like Inelly. Through sponsorship, you can take children off the streets and put them in desks. You can take the burden of school fees from their parents and allow kids to be kids.

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