Sidra Miller

Sidra Miller

Sidra Miller

Role : Professional Software Conversion Volunteer

Day Time Occupation:
Stay at home mom to two children, Owen (4.5) and Annica (6) and my husband Dan.

Why are you a part of the African Vision of Hope volunteer team/family?
I feel very blessed with the life and opportunities I’ve been given. It’s a great joy to share those blessings and care for others. African Vision of Hope has big plans and huge goals in the next few years. I’m excited to share my time with them to help realize those dreams!

What is your best African Vision of Hope volunteer memory?
It’s a tie between two moments. The first was when I met with Judi for the first time and realized I was going to be spending time in the office helping the team. Realizing you can use skills that you’ve been building for years helping other and gaining a new family all in one short meeting was a milestone I’ll never forget. The second was hosting Misheck when he visited from Zambia and watching him play with my son Owen. Listening to the story of Misheck’s life and knowing 1000s of others like him have been helped by AVOH is a day I will always treasure!

What are your favorite hobbies?
I enjoy watching Annica and Owen experience new things and love spending time with them outdoors. I love learning new things, especially trying out new recipes in the kitchen! We’re just now starting to try new Indian and Japanese dishes.

One thing that would surprise someone to learn about me is…
I would love to own a consulting business for job placement services. In my previous career I had the chance to interview and mentor dozens of young professionals. I find it very rewarding to prepare people for a first time position of school or a mid-level career change.

Favorite bible verse?
When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you, Psalm 56:3

Are you ready to change a life?

Child sponsorship is a great way to get involved with African Vision of Hope. There are many children waiting right now for sponsorship.