Not all stories have a clear conclusion. John and Jennifer are still waiting on their happy ending. They are 18-year old twins living in Lusaka, Zambia. John and Jennifer had a good childhood – until their mother became sick with Malaria. She was taken to the hospital but did not survive the stay.

“It is hard to think about. It is hard to live without her,” says Jennifer. Their father is a truck driver and last time they saw him was four years ago. He left his 5 children to fend for themselves. After being unable to pay rent, the children were kicked out of their home. Their older sister was forced stop going to school and had to get married in order to survive. “We had no meals most of the time,” John remembers.

Their grandparents saw the children suffering and took them in. “Our father never came back. He didn’t care about us. At my grandparent’s house there is not enough food or shelter because many of us live there.”

John was able to go to school and even took his exams to pass grade 9, but because of finances he could not continue his education. He does not blame his grandparents for not having the money to pay for his schooling. John knows it is hard for them to work and they barely make ends meet as it is. “This is my greatest challenge. If I was in school, I would feel great because my dreams were coming true. I want someone to look up to in life. My siblings are young, and I want to take care of them and have them look up to me. I want to achieve something. I want to be an Engineer. Please, African Vision of Hope, will you sponsor me so I can achieve something in life and help others?”

John and Jennifer’s story is playing out through thousands of other children in Zambia. These children have to sit out of school because their life circumstances keep them from what they want most: an education. We need your help to be able to enroll more students like John and Jennifer. More classrooms need to be built, more desks need to be bought, more teachers need to be hired, and that is where you fit in. Will you give today so children have a chance to see their dreams become a reality?

Make room for more students