For the first two years of her life, Dorcus did not leave her mother’s side. She lived at her mother’s pace, the steady rhythmic cadence as her mother labored breaking rocks for a day’s wage. Dorcus was carried on her mother’s back in a large piece of fabric tied in a knot over her shoulder. This is a frequent sight in Zambia, the children go to work with their mothers, who sometimes perform very difficult tasks, with their youngest child on their backs.

Being born into extreme poverty is a harsh way to begin life on this earth. Few scenarios are as sad as child poverty. While an adult may fall into poverty temporarily, falling into poverty in childhood can last a lifetime – rarely does a child get a second chance at an education or a healthy start in life. As such, child poverty threatens not only the individual child, but is likely to be passed on to future generations. At African Vision of Hope we ask ourselves every day,

What can we do? What more can be done to help so many children stuck in the harsh, daily trials of poverty?

Provide the Basics
Early in life, the village babies require basic necessities and support for their mothers. We provide vitamins for children under the age of 5 and to pregnant and nursing mothers.

Emphasize Education
We strive to increase enrollment and attendance, improve the health status of children, and improve the learning environment for children. Education will break their chains of poverty.

Share the Gospel
The main objective of African Vision of Hope is to reach out to children both physically and spiritually and share with them God’s unconditional love. We pray that each child will come to know God’s purpose in their life.

Will you help us?