Fundraising is fun!

An easy way to protect children in Zambia from abuse, exploitation, child labor and lack of education is to fundraise. When you start a fundraiser, you become a voice to the voiceless. A world without extreme poverty is only made possible when we take action and rally those around us to join the fight. When you step up, others step up. Ready to change the life of a child? Here are a few ways to make it happen.

  1. Create your own fundraiser. Here are a few creative ways to fundraise that are fun for the whole family:
  • Fundraiser garage sale
  • Bake sale
  • Lemonade stand
  • Create items such as soaps, bath scrubs, or candles in exchange for donations
  • Host a walk or 5K
  • Host a sports tournament (soccer, volleyball, disk golf, etc.)
  • Walk a mile for every $10 donated
  • Cut off an inch of hair for every $100 donated
  1. Create a Facebook fundraiser. Now, you can give your friends and family an easy way to connect to what you are passionate about! Fundraise for your birthday, a special event, or just because. Here are the easy steps to creating your own fundraiser:
    1. Click on the African Vision of Hope Facebook page
    2. Click the “Fundraisers” tab below the cover photo.
    3. Choose “raise money.”
    4. Select your goal amount.
    5. Click create. It’s that easy!
  2. Start a fundraiser through our website: Create a campaign where friends can donate to African Vision of Hope versus giving birthday present, or you can raise money for a part of the ministry you are passionate about.
  3. Become an African Vision of Hope Child Advocate. African Vision of Hope Child Advocates are an incredible group of sponsors who share about child sponsorship with their family, friends, and community. With the Advocacy program, you choose 3-5 available children from our website and help find them a sponsor. We will provide you with your own personalized web page as well as printed information and sponsorship packets on those children. Click here to become an advocate: 

Every dollar makes a difference in the life of a child living in extreme poverty!