Above: Jacob works hard clearing bamboo to help support his family knowing that his hard work is impacting both their futures and his.

Sacrifice is something Jacob, a third-year seminary student being sponsored by African Vision of Hope, is very familiar with.

“Because my school fees are paid for, I prayed for God to show me how to use any money that I make by working.” Jacob’s family is very poor so he is using the little he has to help relieve their burden. He takes care of his mother and pays for schooling for three of his nieces and three of his younger siblings. Because his schooling is paid for, he is passing blessings onto others. Here are the sacrifices Jacob makes so that he can save enough money to support his mother and family:seminary

“I sacrifice my lunchtime each day, going without a meal, so that I can save the little money I would spend on food for the pupils I support. I work hard, dirty jobs so that I can raise a little money. I also do not buy new clothes or things that are luxury items. I spend a lot of time communicating with each student three times every month to ensure they are taking their studies seriously.” In the photo above, Jacob can be seen clearing bamboo. This is an extremely hard job because bamboo is very thick and difficult to cut. Also, the roots are 3-4 feet deep in the ground, so you have to dig down to remove them. He works with a smile knowing that his hard work is impacting the future of his family.

“It is a great source of blessing and relief that the Lord is using African Vision of Hope to make my schooling – and the schooling of my nieces and siblings – possible. I pray that many more men and women will be able to receive this blessing as I did. This is the best way to invest in God’s Kingdom, by supporting God’s work and God’s people and impacting their lives forever.”

Jacob is also currently serving as an evangelist at a local church discipling teachers to teach and train more men and women to share the word of God. “Regardless of the vast majority of trials, temptations, and persecutions that I have faced in my work so far, and I do expect some more, I have continued to remain in Jesus Christ. ‘Without Him I can do nothing’. (John 15:5). That is how God is working in and through me.”

You can make it possible for more men and women to answer the Lord’s calling and step into ministry through an African Vision of Hope seminary scholarship.

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