Have you ever been inspired by someone’s testimony? Inspired by someone passionate about helping others? Meet Justina.

Justina had a broken home life growing up. Her parents split up when she was only four. With her father gone, Justina and her mother started staying with her grandmother. Staying with extended family helped her mother have the support she needed for Justina to attend school. She was able to complete primary school at fee-paying schools, and it was always difficult to raise funds. Since Justina’s mother never got an education, she wanted her daughter’s future to be bright. Little did she know, it was God’s divine plan for Justina to stay with her grandmother because she lived close to a free-of-charge school called African Vision of Hope. Soon after Justina’s mother discovered this, Justina enrolled and became an African Vision of Hope student!


Sponsor a Child


She was relieved to hear that the burden of paying for her education was lifted. Her mom didn’t have to search for funds anymore but instead focused fully on growing her business of selling vegetables. Justina’s mother was also responsible for feeding the extended family, which was a great burden. Then, African Vision of Hope enrolled the family into a feeding program to provide them with boxes of fortified rice. The physical daily needs that African Vision of Hope met for Justina and her family made a monumental impact. Hope was being restored and Justina felt like she had a direction for her life.

“What I like about African Vision of Hope school is that they help children achieve their goals and dreams through educating, equipping, and empowering, as well as helping parents who cannot manage to buy uniforms, bags, books, and all school needs for their children,” – said Justina.

Learning about God’s love at African Vision of Hope helped Justina greatly. She became more joyful at home, willing to serve and help with any chore. Inspired and determined to help her family in the future, Justina sees the heart of God through people around her, such as staff members who are passionately helping the poor. Justina dreams of earning a degree in Environmental Health when she graduates, which will allow her to get a job so she can support her family.

As we end this month, Women’s History Month, we have introduced you to women who have impacted their families, communities, and the country. Justina, who is only 15 years old, is one example out of thousands of young women who will confidently impact their nation as they step in their God-given purpose.

Justina has been educated, equipped, and empowered through an education at African Vision of Hope.


End Extreme Poverty


“I would love to thank you African Vision of Hope for everything you do. May you continue doing what you are doing because you help us a lot. I am learning a lot about God’s love and how He loves us so much that He sent His only son to die for our sins, and through Him we are saved.” – Justina