Become A Part Of Their Future

Make a lasting difference

Your generous gift will be used to meet the most critical needs of African Vision of Hope, enabling the ministry better serve children in extreme poverty.

Consider Making This A Monthly Gift?

Your monthly gift helps ensure that children are able to find a place in a classroom, a warm meal, and life sustaining care.

Where would you like your gift used?

All donations can be given in honor of someone, and can be a one time gift or ongoing monthly gift.
Use Where Needed Most

Use Where Needed Most

Your gift will transform a child’s life from poverty to possibility. Choose from a predefined amount, or enter the amount you would like to give.

Your donation can be a one time gift or consider making it a monthly donation.

You can also give the gift in honor of someone.

Hope Legacy

Hope Legacy

With the Hope Legacy Partnership your MONTHLY Gift will make a lasting difference in the fight against Extreme Poverty that will impact future generations.

We believe that investing in sustainable solutions through education, leadership development, and spiritual discipling will make a lasting change for children and their communities.

Hope Legacy Partners support the following:

  • Life Sustaining Food, Medical Care, Shelter, Water
  • K-12 Education, Teachers, Schools, Curriculum, Desks
  • Orphan Care, Furnishings
  • Scholarships (Higher Education)