Have you ever thought about the impact of allowing a child to dream big? God gave us our imaginations to use for great purposes in growing His kingdom. Dreaming big takes courage, especially for children living in extreme poverty. They are constantly surrounded by voices that tell them they cannot achieve their goals. They are discouraged from going to school by their own families and are taught to survive, not thrive.

At African Vision of Hope, we value giving children opportunities to dream big and use the creativity that God has given them. One of the ways the Kafue school did that is by having a “Careers Day” at school. Students got to come to school and dress up in the outfits of their dream jobs!

Students dressed as soldiers, doctors, nurses, inspectors, cooks, pastors, construction workers, businessmen, teachers and more. The teachers and staff at African Vision of Hope use this day to encourage students to never give up on their dreams. Many of the students will be the first ones in their families to graduate high school. Our staff reminds students that their education can impact not just their futures but their family’s future too.

Maybe you stopped dreaming big a long time ago. Let the students of African Vision of Hope inspire you to reignite dreams you once had. Allow God to guide your dreams to align with His will! You never know how many lives will be impacted when you follow God’s plan for your life. Check out the photos to see more students’ outfits!