Deborah, above, grins as she receives a letter from her sponsors.

Deborah, a seventh grade student at African Vision of Hope School in Chingola, has passed through many challenges to get where she is today. Her father does not have a job, so he farms a small plot of land to feed their family. Her mother sells vegetables in the streets, earning the family’s only real income. It is because of her sponsors and generous donors like you that she is able to be in school today.

Deborah and her mother in front of the hut where they sell fruits and vegetables.

“Our biggest challenge is financial. There are seven of us in our family, and two of my sisters stopped going to school because we could not afford to pay their fees. My other two sisters were forced to get married because they had no way of going to school and this was their only means of survival.” 

Thankfully, Deborah was able to begin schooling at African Vision of Hope in the 3rd grade and was spared following in her sisters’ footsteps. “I love this school because our teachers are friendly and teach us the Word of God. I also love this school because I do not have to pay to be a student. My parents’ burden has been lifted. When I learned that there were people who had chosen to become my sponsors I was so joyful. I love receiving letters from them. They tell me how much they love me and pray for me. It has been a very long time since my parents told me they loved me.”

Deborah cherishes her letters from her sponsors and hangs them on the mud walls of her home. She says the encouragement she receives from them is what keeps her wanting to finish school despite her challenges. 

“I assure you that I will complete school. It will not end here. I want to become a doctor someday, and it is because of people like you that have made my education possible. I have hope!”

Deborah has the freedom to dream and make plans about her future. It is because of you that she even has a future to dream about. There are hundreds of children who are waiting to be sponsored so they can have this source of love and encouragement. Will you say yes to them today?

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