Grace – KA 1634

Grace – KA 1634

$37.00 / month

Hello, my name is Winfridah.

I live in village of Mtendere and attend school at African Vision of Hope in Kabulonga, Zambia.

I am a 8 year old girl in grade 1.
My birthday is December 31st.

My favorite subject in school is studying Mathematics and I enjoy Dancing. I would really love to have you as my sponsor, your encouragement through letters and prayers would help me very much.

Child sponsorship is a way to make a lasting difference in Winfridah’s life.Your $37 per month will help provide her with:

  • Education opportunities
  • Life skills training
  • Clean water and nutritious meals
  • Basic medical care
  • The opportunity to hear and learn about Jesus Christ

As Winfridah’s Sponsor

You will receive a yearly updated photo of Winfridah along with letters 1 -2 times a year. You will also receive a welcome kit to fill out about yourself so it can be given to Winfridah. This will help her get to know you and your family. A teacher or staff person will assist children who have yet to learn how to read and write.

At home Winfridah’s duties include many household chores such as sweeeping, washing, and fetching water. She also has responsibilities in caring for her younger siblings and “extended” family. Winfridah really enjoys learning about Mathematics in school and in the limited free time she has, enjoys Dancing.
Daily life for Winfridah and her friends is very difficult. The majority of her friends from Mtendere, her home, are not able to afford to go to public school and survive on a single small meal per day. This meal is primarily made of nshima – a staple that is made of ground corn flour boiled in water.
By being in school at African Vision of Hope Kabulonga, Winfridah is not only having her mind “fed”, but she is benefiting from a nutritious meal each day she is in school. The majority of these children live with a single parent or relative. Others have been forced to live with whomever will take them in, and being forced to the streets by the age of 6 is not uncommon.
Winfridah and her friends not only have physical poverty but they a poverty that can’t be seen. They have lost hope and do not believe that their life matters or that they matter. This is why African Vision of Hope is making a difference.African Vision of Hope takes the message of John 21:15 – 17 and puts it into action.

Jesus Instructed
  • “Feed my lambs” – We take that literally and ensure a daily nutritious meal to each student.
  • “Tend my sheep” – Our staff is caring for the “least of these”.
  • “Feed my sheep” – Our education not only is of the highest standards, but is centered around sharing the Hope of Christ with each child.

This is your opportunity to partner with African Vision of Hope in making a real and lasting difference in Winfridah’s life. Your financial partnership has a tangible benefit to Winfridah, but to Winfridah, what she really desires and hopes for is a sponsor that will begin a relationship with her . You will be able to write to Winfridah, to encourage her . You will receive letters back from Winfridah as she updates you on her progress. You will also have the opportunity to meet Winfridah face to face during a summer mission trip. Winfridah desires to know that someone cares for her , thinks she is of value, and needs someone to encourage her, that there is truly a Hope for a better tomorrow. Winfridah’s story can begin with you.

African Vision of Hope – Kabulonga

The school in Kabulonga a community inside the capital city of Lusaka, is the first school built by African Vision of Hope nearly 15 years ago. The campus is central to many compounds and currently is home to nearly 800 students from grade 1 through grade 12.In Zambia the school year runs from January through December. The children will have short breaks during April, August, and December.The school day begins around 8:00am, lunch runs in shifts starting around noon. As classes wrap up during the afternoon, some children will stay at the campus to study or help classmates with studies while others must hurry off to perform “piece-works” which we would call odd-jobs. These “piece-works” are a necessary part of many of the children’s daily survival and are how money is earned to pay for living expenses at home such as rent, food, and clothing.


Mtendere is within walking distance to the school in Kabulonga and is one of Lusaka’s 37 “informal” settlements with an estimated population of 50,000+. The local people refer to these informal settlements as compounds or a village. The streets are comprised of gravel and dirt paths that weave their way through the area like rickety vines sprawling through a garden.


Most of the homes are rented properties. Each house is generally a single room measuring 10′ x 10′. These houses will be constructed of hand made blocks, tin roofs, and crudely made doors. A home as described will rent for about 400 Kwatcha per month. The average income for a family in the compound would be close to 500 Kwatcha per month. Once the rents are paid, the family will struggle to survive on the remaining 100 Kwatcha (about $9.00) for the entire month. Without African Vision of Hope these children would have no hope of attending school.

Living & Economic Conditions
  • The houses are packed in tightly together.
  • Front or back yards do not exist.
  • Standard construction is considered very poor.
  • For most the tasks of cooking, laundering, bathing are all tasks completed outside.
  • Unemployment is rampant – most work is “piece” work or day laboring.
  • Even though there is a very high death rate for children under 5 in these conditions – children are abundant and a never ending product of these environments.
  • It is not uncommon for fathers to prostitute out young children for the price of a meal.
Sanitation & Water

There is no public sanitation, simple crude pit latrines scattered throughout the homes and shared by multiple families within the proximity. As well water is provided by taps positioned in various locations throughout the compounds. Use of this water is not free and it is not uncommon for the water to simply be turned off for extended periods of times at various taps.

Struggling To Survive

Day to day survival for the vulnerable and orphaned children of Zambia is very difficult. A land locked country in southern Africa, Zambia suffers greatly due to the continuing pandemic of HIV/AIDS, starvation, and the inability to offer free education to its children.To quote Mary, one of the African Vision of Hope students,

Without education you have no voice, without education you have no future, without education you have no hope.

Empowerment through education is the key to these children being lifted out of these dire living conditions. You have the opportunity to shine the light of Jesus into the hearts of these desperate children. A blessed opportunity through your relationship and the writing of letters to speak hope into a world that has become hopeless to them.

$37.00 per Month

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