Abigail’s Story

Abigails Story

Unfortunately many of us have experienced being bullied, the name calling or physical abuse can scar us for years. But imagine how much deeper the hurting goes when the one doing the name calling and physical abuse is a family member.

Abigail came to African Vision of Hope in 2014 after being chased from her Aunts home. Her aunt had been caring for her after the passing of her mother left her a double orphan. Abigail was broken, hurting, and desperately needing someone to let her know that she was loved and protected. Instead what she heard from her aunt is that she was “Lazy and Ugly”.

Hurting with a pain that cut deep to her soul, Abigail was now without parents, without family, without hope. Abigail was no stranger to pain, her life had never been easy, losing her father early put herself, mother, and sister in a vulnerable position. They had been chased from their home, chased from staying with family, and
turned out to eek out an existence from the streets and alleys of various compounds.

To Abigail the ability to have a roof over your head, hot meals, or the ability to go to school were all fairy tales. Now the little hope she had of her mother earning enough to get them off of the streets was completely shattered. If There had been any question around would her extended family care for her, it had been made completely clear – She was un-wanted.

Unfortunately Abigail’s story is not unique in the streets and alleys of Lusaka. Far too often when a parent dies, or there is a divorce, the child becomes a burden that is no longer wanted. Once a female child is of age, 14 and there are no parents, any chance at education is over. It becomes her time to find piece work and/or marriage. These young girls will turn to marriages or they become victims of sexual abuse in order to eat, have shelter.

Abigail has found safe refuge in our boarding house, she has found a family in African Vision of Hope. She has been able to concentrate on her studies, has a warm bed, meals, and unconditional love.

My story has changed. I know how God workd and He has done much in my life. It is wasn’t for AVOH I would have never known God. Hope means, I will never give up, I have been lifted up. I never thought that I would have a real bed and go to a school I never thought that I could learn to read and write. I never thought of holding a bible in my hands and I never thought I could learn to read it. I am doing all of this because of God.

– Abigail

  • A Bed Of Her Own

    No longer a fairy tale – Abigail has a bed to call her own.

  • Something To Smile About

    Abigail enjoys school and learning. She is also learning about the love of Christ.

  • I Am Beautiful

    Abigail has been able to heal over the last two years and knows she truly is a beautiful young lady. She has value and through the Grace of God has been able to find a safe place to begin to heal.

Expanding our “Home”

More than anything Abigail’s story has been pressed into the hearts of the staff and volunteers of AVOH as a call to move forward with expanding the girls boarding house. Today we are launching our Boarding House Campaign. Our goal is to help rescue 60 more girls from their survival situations and instead give them a life changing sanctuary where Christ can be proclaimed, souls can be restored, and these young ladies can grow to be all that God has planned. Turning from a life of survival to a life able to thrive.

The land has been purchased and the blueprints are completed. All that is left to do is to build. Our
goal for this campaign is to raise $250,000. We are asking you to join us in prayer and in giving.
We simply cannot wait. Your support will make a real, lasting impact in the lives of those who are still in need.
I offer my heartfelt thanks for your continued generosity. With your help these lives will be rescued and
changed forever.

The land is purchased,
the blueprints are complete.
All we need is you!

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