The African Vision of Hope Empowerment Program

Promoting long-term change that fosters development, not dependence.

Poverty is a complex issue. There is not a quick solution or easy answer. We are committed to helping families and communities living in extreme poverty break the cycle. African Vision of Hope has five schools full of children that need school uniforms and there are village women who desire jobs to provide for their needs.

Women enter into our Empowerment Program where they are trained to make school uniforms and other items they are able to sell at the market. The children each receive a uniform and the women graduate through the program proficient at sewing and capable of continuing seamstress work to provide for their families.

In 2017, the Empowerment Program sewed 1,600 school uniforms for African Vision of Hope students.

The empowerment training center is a place of refuge, learning, fellowship and encouragement. Women walk every day for miles to gather in this busy little center. They know that without education or job skills they will be scavenging or begging for food. Today these women are learning skills that will empower them into a future full of hope.

What’s next? African Vision of Hope is working on a partnership to provide microloans to our Empowerment Program graduates. With a microloan, they will have the ability to start their own businesses and break the cycle of poverty.

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