The Cornerstone Is Education,
The Results Are Equipping And Feeding

The 15 acre African Vision of Hope farm in Chikumbi, Zambia is a flourishing bread basket in one of the hungriest countries in the world. It is providing food for the African Vision of Hope Schools and training small scale farmers on how to improve yields.
This conservation farm is also an evangelistic tool for preaching the gospel, strengthening and planting churches and extending the kingdom of God with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture as a model for life transformation.
We teach conservation farming that works with the environment instead of struggling against it, all while bringing glory to God and hope to the hungry.
What’s next?

What’s next?

The farm will be increasing the current capacity to raise chickens, a high yeild, in demand, quality food source. The farm will also be expanding the acreage for more crop production.

You Can Help!

With your help, farmers in Zambia can be further educated on additional ways to create income and provide for their families. Also, your partnership would bring additional profit potential to the farm, resulting in more children being fed and their community being economically strengthened.

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