Nawa stands proudly in his lab coat, knowing each assignment he completes means one step closer to being a doctor.  At an early age, Nawa’s mom died and his life became nomadic, being passed between relatives and friends.  


 “I was rejected and made to feel worthless, I was always hungry and went without food many days,” Nawa says, as he reflects on his painful childhood.

Education was the biggest struggle in his life. He never had the money for uniforms or school fees and he became burdened as he walked the other kids walking to school. He felt like his dream was slipping away. 

“I am inspired to be a doctor to save lives,” says Nawa. He knows his mother would still be alive if she’d had access to medical care. 

“My aunt took me to the African Vision of Hope school in Chongwe in 2011 where I started grade 4. At that time, I had heard the name Jesus but I never understood who that was,” shares Nawa. “I began to wonder who Jesus really was.” 


NawaA Life Transformed

During chapel, Nawa gave his life to Christ and graduated at the top of his class. 

“I felt the love of Christ that day, and my life was changed forever,” Nawa shares with a smile. 

Nawa was awarded a college scholarship through African Vision of Hope. He is now pursuing his dream: a medical degree.

He lives at the “Brothers House of Hope” where he encourages, teaches, and mentors his younger brothers in Christ while going to college. 



His struggles with hunger and education are his motivation to work hard and keep focused; he never wants to suffer like that again. He also looks to Christ for strength and comfort as he endures the challenges of medical school.

“I can sleep without thinking about what I will eat tomorrow. All I want to do is extend the love that has been given to me, and give it to someone else so they can know Jesus Christ and have hope,” – Nawa

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