Edward in his 11th-grade classroom.

When Edward was a child, he lost most of his hearing to Malaria. Despite this disability, he managed to make great grades in school by sitting in the front of his classes and reading the lips of his teachers. When the school nurse, Clementina, heard about Edward’s challenges, she remembered that a pair of hearing aids had been shipped to Zambia a few months prior. The moment she placed the devices in his ears, he smiled brightly and exclaimed, “I can hear!”

Nurse Clementina fitting Edward for his hearing aids.

“I lived my life in misery because I could not hear. My new ears have brought me much joy. I am able to understand my teachers and can even sing in the school choir ” – Edward, grade 11

Healthy children are able to learn, pay attention in school, and fight disease. For children in Zambia, access to basic medical care and health education is the difference between life and death. Our medical staff and partners provide education on topics like clean water, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, healthy behaviors, and hygiene. They also treat simple illnesses that can become life-threatening such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malnutrition, worms, and even diseases like TB and Malaria.

Through your continuous giving, you are making this possible! Because of you, Edward can hear, and thousands of other children have been saved from sickness and even death. Thank you!