Children and families in Zambia are suffering from the pandemic, but not in the ways you might think. Very few are becoming infected with COVID-19, but the economic and social impacts are devastating.

Christine grandmother

Mothers, fathers, and heads of households have lost their jobs or are working without paychecks. The borders are closed and the price of food has skyrocketed. Children are starving because their parents have to choose between buying food and paying rent. Families are being kicked out of their homes due to their inability to pay. These are the victims of COVID-19. They do not fear the virus; they fear they will be unable to survive one day to the next.

Christine is a 7th grade student at African Vision of Hope School in Kafue. Her parents died of AIDS, and now she, and eleven of her family members, live with their grandmother who lost her job. Christine was also born with AIDS.

(Pictured, Christine’s grandmother outide of their home.)


“Eating has been hard for our family. We lack money to pay our rent, buy food, and pay for the medicine that helps keep me alive. These are our greatest challenges.”

Her favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 because, “God shared His love with us. He showed me this love because, even though I was born sick, I have life today and can go to a school that I love.”

Every day at school, Christine and 3,200 of her classmates receive a hot meal, free education, and are taught about God’s love for them. Christine has friends who love and encourage her, and teachers who care and mentor her.

You can help restore what COVID-19 destroyed by providing food, medical care, and support for families like Christine’s. You can ease their burden give them hope for the future.

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