Growing up in extreme poverty, life has never been easy for Bright.  Both of his parents grew up without an education, leaving them jobless. Likewise, at the age of 10, Bright had not ever been enrolled or able to attend school. Bright dreamed of the day when he would be sitting at a desk, wearing a uniform, and making new friends.

Bright’s Daily Life

Bright lives in a concrete block home with his mom, brother, and baby sister. He loves to joke and laugh with his brother, and walk around the compound where they sell vegetables together. When he is at home, he helps his mom with cooking nshima. Nshima is the staple food in Zambia, a porridge made of ground corn meal, with little nutritional value. Bright loves to learn new skills and is hungry for an education.

Bright Shares His Dream

One day when Bright was playing with his friends, a man approached them. This man had been watching them play a game and eventually joined in on the fun. He asked the boys questions about their life and why they were not in school. Bright answered, expressing his deep desire to have an education.

“I have never been to school before because my parents cannot afford to take me to school. I admire being in school, putting on a uniform, sitting at a desk and having friends at school. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher”

Pastoring with Purpose

Bright did not know he was talking to African Vision of Hope Campus Pastor Foliad. He looked at Bright and smiled, telling him about African Vision of Hope Schools. Discovering this, Bright’s excitement grew and grew. All at once, Bright pictured himself standing in front of a class full of students, going to college, and one day becoming a teacher.


A New Hope Arises

Zambian schools opened up for the new school year in January. Bright was overjoyed to learn he is enrolled in grade two at African Vision of Hope! He proudly put on his uniform, walked to school with friends, and sat at his very own desk! This was a dream come true, and he has a BRIGHT future ahead of him! It is because of YOU that we can continue educating children in Zambia, increasing our attendance to over 4,680+ students daily. Thank you for making Bright’s future one full of HOPE!


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