Above, members of the new Robotics Club build a remote-controlled robot.

“It was really fun to teach robotics to the students and to see how excited they were about how they can impact the future with their new skills.” – Luke, a mission team member.

A few 11th-grade students conduct experiments in science class.

This year, a robotics program was introduced and a robotics club was started at African Vision of Hope schools to further the student’s education in subjects like math and science. Mission team members introduced high school students and teachers to computers, technology, and robotics. The students saw robots for the first time and watched with fascination as team members taught them how to assemble and maneuver these machines, giving them practical knowledge in math, science, and computer programming.

There are not enough scientists in Africa, leading to a lack of development opportunities, innovation, and proper healthcare. Using donated lab equipment, classes at African Vision of Hope schools can watch the lessons learned in class come to life in front of their eyes. Investing in math and science education is one step towards creating a sustainable future for Zambia; a future that provides economic security, good careers, and contributes to Africa’s social and economic development.

Because of you, these students are being educated in subjects like math and science and will go into Zambia’s workplace as diverse candidates who are ahead of the curve and ready to become leaders in their fields. Thank you!