Whether you have been sponsoring a child for 1 year or 10, you probably have some questions about writing letters to them. The most common questions we hear deal with what to/not to write in letters to your student. While the following list is not comprehensive, it should be a helpful guide for you as you pen your next letter.

Topics your sponsored children like to read about in your letters:

  • Your family: Share what you are comfortable sharing that is age appropriate for the child you sponsor. You can also tell them about any furry four-legged members of your family and your favorite things to do with them.
  • Where you live: Tell them fun educational information about the state and country where you live. Send pictures, too!
  • Encouragement: Your words of encouragement provide hope and fill the child’s heart with love. Think of the person that you look up to and have been mentored by – you are that person for your sponsored child! You can bring hope to their life when they need it most.sponsored
  • Work and school: Just as you want to know what they are learning in school, the child you sponsor wants to know about your job or what you are learning in school. Who knows, you may even find that you share some of the same interests!
  • What you like: Do you have a favorite Bible verse or memory of growing up? Do you have a hobby or favorite game? Share this with the child you sponsor and let them know why you love these things.
  • Your traditions: Share with your child about how your family celebrates holidays such as Christmas or Easter. Just like you are interested in their life, they are interested in the details of yours!
  • Ask questions: You may not get all of your questions answered, but this will show your sponsored child that you really want to get to know them.
  • Share pictures: Our students LOVE receiving pictures and can never get enough!

Topics to avoid in your letters to your sponsored child:

  • Money: Don’t talk to your sponsored child about money, or if you got a promotion or raise at your job. This promotes jealousy, sadness, and possibly anger in the child.
  • Food: The food you eat versus the food they eat is very different. Talking about how your family eats a meal together for certain traditions is alright, but talking about the specific types or variety of foods you eat should be avoided.
  • Possessions: You can share about the memories you make in your home, but avoid talking about the actual home itself. Don’t talk about your cars, phones, boats, etc. You can talk about the memories made with them, just don’t focus on the physical item. Be cautious talking about your possessions.
  • Unsuitable pictures: Avoid sharing pictures that may be culturally shocking. Our cultures are vastly different. Use your best judgement when choosing what pictures to send your child, and if you have questions, you can always call our office or email us at info@africanvisionofhope.org.

Letters are sent to Zambia 6 or more times per year, and children write their sponsors at least once per year. Write your child today! For more letter writing tips, click the link below.


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