Nineteen year-old Armstrong lives with his mother and sister in a rented two-room cinder block box of a house. They have no electricity, no running water, and, more often than not, no food.

Armstrong’s father was killed when he was a small child, and since that time his mother has struggled to make enough money to keep him in school. “My mother went to a school and begged for them to give me a spot in a classroom. They allowed me to enroll, but many days I get chased from school and have been told I will not be able to graduate because I cannot pay.”

His mother has a certificate in accounting and counseling but has not been able to find work since his father died. “My mother got remarried to another man with the hopes of financial support, but he does not support us and does not come home many nights. My mother and I make and sell beer so that we can have enough money to buy food. Many times we do not have food to eat and just drink the beer we made and go to sleep. It helps with the hunger pains. My mother is a strong woman and has suffered a lot to bring us this far. I want to finish school and help my mother have a better life. I want to be an accountant someday.”

There are so many kids just like Armstrong who are desperate to learn and follow their dreams but are trapped in a never-ending cycle of poverty. By continuing to support African Vision of Hope, you are opening the doors to children who are out of options and running low on hope. Keep fighting the good fight.

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