It has been two years since 9-year-old Patricia stepped foot in a classroom.

Patricia 1

Patricia’s mother and stepfather crush stones used for construction to survive. They crush 7 bags of stones a day, by hand, which adds up to almost 400 pounds of rock. For this hard labor they earn less than $2 per day. Their family – Patricia’s mother, stepfather, younger brother, aunt, and cousin- live in a one-room home with no electricity. Her mother became pregnant with her when she was only 14 years old, and Patricia’s father abandoned them before she was born. Since then, it has been a constant struggle for survival.

She longs to go to school but the crisis her family faces makes it impossible for them to afford the fees. The burden of the cost of living and survival does not allow her the basic human right of education.

Pictured: Patricia with her mother and brother in front of their one-room mud brick home.

Patricia 2

There are so many children like Patricia who are watching their dreams pass before their eyes, unable to realize their life’s potential because they cannot afford an education. When you sponsor a child through African Vision of Hope, you are opening a space in school for another child. Sponsorship provides a scholarship for a child to receive an education, clean water, nutritious food, spiritual mentoring, and medical care. There are hundreds of African Vision of Hope students waiting for a sponsor to choose them and open a place in school for a child like Patricia. 

Patricia is waiting. Will you sponsor a child and open a spot for her?


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