What happens when you combine two separate problems? You come up with a solution.  In Zambia, African Vision of Hope has five schools full of children that need school uniforms, and the women in the villages desire jobs to provide for their families. Dolly is one such woman. Here is her story.

“My name is Dolly, and I am 50 years old. My husband died in 2003. I had 6 children, but three have passed away. When one of my daughters passed away, I took on the responsibility of raising her two children. “

When Dolly was four years old, she lost one of her eyes when a person was chopping wood and a stick went into the eye. Her father had three wives, and when he died she was taken in by one of his wives whom was not her real mother. Her step mother did not want her to finish school as she was the maid and washed, cooked, and cleaned for the family. She only went to school up to grade 8, and was always insulted and felt like a burden to her step mother.

“I have struggled to survive day by day, not being able to buy food and to pay for a place to stay.  I saw a lady carrying a beautiful purse one day made from African fabric, When I inquired I was told there is an empowerment program for women through African Vision of Hope.  She took me to the African Vision of Hope office and I was enrolled in the 2017 class for tailoring and crafts.”

“My aim is to learn to sew, knit and make crafts so I can have my own small business as soon as I complete the program later this year. I have been knitting the sweaters that are purchased by school children.  I am also learning to make school uniforms that are sold throughout Zambia and for school children at African Vision of Hope”

“This program has brought hope and joy into my life.  We fellowship together as we are learning new skills and share life.  This program has restored my future, has given me an opportunity to learn.  I have never had anyone who ever listened to me or my story, this is my greatest joy now, sharing and learning together.”

Your support enables the women we work with to improve their sewing skills and help lift themselves out of poverty. The empowerment training center is a place of refuge, learning, fellowship and encouragement. Women walk every day for miles to gather in this busy little center, they know that without education or job skills they will be scavenging or begging for food. Today these women are learning skills that will empower them into a future full of hope.


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