When 9-year-old Coltin started saving his birthday money, he had a pretty good idea of what he wanted to spend it on. But, when he saw Roldy, an African Vision of Hope Student pictured on our site, thoughts of toys and video games went out the window. Coltin learned that many children his age living in Zambia don’t go to school, and he knew he wanted to do something about it. He had to be Roldy’s sponsor! So, Coltin started a fundraiser on his grandmother’s Facebook page to raise the remaining money needed. In one day, he reached his goal of $444 – and even raised enough to cover Roldy’s sponsorship for half of the next year! We asked Coltin to share his story.

  1. Why did you decide to sponsor a child?

I saw Roldy’s photo and I felt sad that no one had sponsored him. I told my “Maw-Maw” that I wanted to sponsor him with my birthday money I had saved.

2. What do you look forward to writing to your sponsored child about?

I already wrote a letter to him! I wanted him to know that we both liked soccer, but he calls it football. I wanted him to know that he now has a sponsor and that is ME!

3. What would you like to learn from your sponsored child?

I want to know about his life in Africa. Does he have a brother or sister? Do they argue like my brother and I do? Does he like school?

4. Why do you think child sponsorship is important?

All kids need to be able to go to school and have a “fresh” meal every day. If someone sponsors a child then one more can have those things and I knew Roldy could have that, If I gave all I had.

5. What would you like to tell the people who helped you raise the money to sponsor your child?

I would say thank you! It made me so HAPPY! I said, “WHAT?” I was like shocked they wanted to help me!

6. Who inspired you to sponsor a child?

My “Maw-Maw”! She loves the kids in Zambia and we pray for them every night.

Coltin proves that you are never too young to change a life. You can follow Coltin’s example and sponsor children like Roldy today!

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