In Zambia there is only 1 doctor for every 20,000 people. Contrast that with the United States, where that number is roughly one for every 400 people. Zambia is just slightly larger than Texas, but there are only 44 surgeons for a country of 13 million. And only six of those 44 are located in rural areas, where 60 percent of Zambians live.

Thanks to your sponsorship we have two students that have graduated from African Vision of Hope and are currently studying medicine and surgery. David Mwanza is one of those students and we had a chance to talk with him…

What was it like growing up in your family?
I was born in a family of nine children. I was the youngest of seven girls and two boys. I joined African Vision of Hope in 2006 so that I could go to school. I was so happy that I was able to graduate in 2013. I knew I had accomplished something that not many in my village have a chance to do.

Why did you choose to go into medicine?
There are no doctors, I have seen many people suffer and many more die from things that could have been treated if they had the opportunity to see a doctor. I want to change that.

What are your future plans?
I have many years of schooling left. I start my residency in 2017. When I am completed with my schooling I want to go to work right away helping the street kids and widows. I also want to help sponsor kids to African Vision of Hope like I was. The more kids we can get in school the more chance for our countries success. Possibly there is another street kid who can be another doctor like me.

All 19 of our college students are moving forward and changing their tomorrows. They still need your help and support to complete their journeys.