(Above) Foliad, second to the right, and Japhet, far right, counsel two students on choosing careers and keeping their grades up.

When you send a student to seminary, you start a ripple that is felt by generations. Two true examples are Foliad and Japhet, former sponsored seminary students and current African Vision of Hope staff members. These two gentlemen are Guidance and Counseling Officers at our largest school in Kabulonga, Zambia and have started a phenomenal counseling program that is not only helping students work through their life’s struggles but also plan for their future. Foliad and Japhet both completed seminary (and additional schooling) through scholarships provided by generous donors like you. Their schooling has provided them with the knowledge and tools they need to create this awesome counseling program for our students.

“Working in the counseling department has been very exciting for us, especially when we are seeing so many lives transformed after receiving counsel. Although we face challenges, the benefits to the students and the school are immense. The guidance we are providing these children is helping them stay in school and pass their exams, teaching them about their career choices, and reminding them of the dangers of drugs and alcohol as well as sexual abuse. We also address children who come to us and confide that they can no longer continue with school due to challenges they are facing at home. As we counsel these children, we see a huge change in their perspective and their determination to stay in school. It is very important for a school like African Vision of Hope, where most of our students are orphaned or vulnerable, to have people who can speak into the lives of these children to develop skills that can help them cope with life’s challenges. May the Lord continue to bless us as we continue to join hands in shaping the lives of these learners into what God wants them to be.” – Japhet

This is why the seminary scholarship program is so vital. These trained leaders are using their knowledge to build up the next generation. Zambia’s future is looking bright!

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