“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” – Proverbs 17:17

Fourteen-year-old Ndainga and thirteen-year-old Gift, pictured above, are two orphaned boys who live alone in a mud-brick home. Through hardships and struggles, they banded together and became each other’s only family.

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Ndainga became an orphan at a young age and was left to beg for food and money on the streets in order to survive. His friend, Gift, who was also an orphan, heard about his situation and invited him to stay in his grandmother’s house. Gift’s grandmother knew the only way for the boys to escape the clutches of poverty was through education. Knowing this, she brought them to African Vision of Hope School and begged for them to be enrolled. The boys were quickly enrolled in the first grade, and today they are proud 7th-grade students.

“Gift’s grandmother took me in as her own grandson. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2018 and we were just left the two of us, Gift and I. Both of our mothers abandoned us. We see them maybe once a year. I do not think my mother has ever cared about me.”

“At first we were afraid to stay just the two of us, but we are almost getting used to it now. It is not really safe for us to be staying alone. It is a challenge going around asking for food, especially when schools are closed. It is hard for us to really have something to eat.” – Ndainga

(Pictured: Gift and Ndainga sitting on their bed.)

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When schools re-opened in September after COVID closures, Gift and Ndainga were once again able to rely on the daily hot lunches. The boys still worry about what will happen to them during school breaks when they cannot rely on the nutritious daily lunches. Our Child Protection Officers strive to ensure they are given food to take home and ease their burden. Thankfully, both boys have child sponsors, ensuring that they will be encouraged to stay in school and strive for a better future.

“I really thank God that we are part of this school. It has helped us survive, and the education we are receiving here is really awesome. May God bless you.” – Gift

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