Macrichard was only 10 years old when the safety and comforts of his life were stripped away. After the death of both parents, Macrichard was left an orphan. He was forced into hard labor, rejected, and beaten every day. Macrichard ran away from his oppressors and found a vacant thatched hut for his home. He entered into a life of solitude, a child-headed household, living on his own and raising support for his own education.


“Rejections and abuse were normal for me; I became so furious and angry with
this thing called life.”



While he was herding cattle, Macrichard borrowed books from a friend to keep up with his studies while he was in the fields. he had never heard about God, but as he looked into the sky he knew there was a Creator. His school fees were increasing so he started working in the quarry crushing stones. The hunger and the physical labor were wearing on his young body, resulting in stress and exhaustion. Macrichard heard about a school providing a free education. As he started asking details and inquiring about the location of this school, he couldn’t believe such a place existed.


“The name of the school gave me HOPE before I even knew what it looked like. And this is how my journey started with African Vision of Hope.”



Macrichard had a safe home where his critical needs were met. He was mentored by loving teachers and campus pastors who taught him about God’s love. He graduated high school in 2015, receiving the highest grades in his class. He knows God created him on purpose and for a purpose. Because of you, Macrichard is now in his final year studying Agricultural Science at the University of Zambia. Agriculture is a driving force for a better economy for Zambia. Macrichard is a tutor at the African Vision of Hope schools, mentoring and encouraging young men and women in their studies.



“I know that science tends to be a hard subject for students, so I am volunteering my time and skills. The best way I can express my gratefulness is by giving back to African Vision of Hope, and I appreciate you so very much. You are not only changing the lives of these students, but you are changing lives of an entire nation.”


Through education, you helped Macrichard go from worthless, abused, and rejected, to an unstoppable force of hope. He is not only impacting students, but the country of Zambia as a whole. Will you provide more children like Macrichard the gift of education today?


Give the Gift of Education