Lillian was born into a life of suffering. She lost both parents to AIDS and became a double orphan.  Her cousin started caring for her and lived in a one-room brick home with no running water, electricity, or plumbing. Lillian was living in a constant state of survival.


Determined to Be Educated

When Lillian woke up for school, it was only 4:00 am. While the sun was still not up, and no food in her stomach, she journeyed 3 hours on foot to attend school at African Vision of Hope. Her legs and mind were weak. The feeling of hunger was a pain she couldn’t put into words. Lillian tried to focus on school, but her mind drifted to lunchtime. African Vision of Hope’s feeding program provides Lillian and her fellow students with a hot meal of nutritious fortified rice. This meal helps students concentrate on school. Lillian was determined to be the first person in her family to be educated.


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From Orphaned to Comforted

Phizwell, Child Protection Officer at African Vision of Hope school, took notice of Lillian and walked home with her one day. He discovered the poverty and hunger she faced, and the extreme distance from school she walked. Phizwell knew how urgent Lillian’s situation was and needed to act fast. He rescued Lillian and moved her to Hope Village rescue homes. There are 151 rescued children in rescue communities  who were living in extreme poverty. They freely sing and dance, play with their friends, and love one another.


“Because of African Vision of Hope, I am not scared to sleep at night. I have friends who comfort me and light to study at night. I just want to say thank you to everyone, and may God bless you.” – Lillian, grade 5


A Life Transformed

If African Vision of Hope did not step in, Lillian was at high risk of being trafficked, sold into marriage, or worse – starvation. But because of YOU, Lillian sleeps in a warm bed, studies with lights, eats three meals a day and has mentors to guide her. She is healing from her past and has learned about God’s love. She no longer feels hopeless; shehas hope in Christ. Lillian knows God has a purpose for her life.

You have transformed Lillian’s life from poverty to possibility. Many more children in Zambia are praying to God for someone to rescue them. Will you answer their prayers by giving rescue care today?



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