When Patrick’s father died unexpectedly a few years ago, his life changed forever. His mom struggled to provide for Patrick and his four siblings. As an uneducated woman, there are few choices to earn money.

Patrick’s mother searched for answers to be able to provide food for her children. This search involved moving to the village of her family and trying different businesses, but with each step, the difficulty of life only increased.

“Losing my father has been the worst experience because I feel if he were alive, life wouldn’t have been as hard as it is now.”

A New StartPatrick Helps his Mother sell vegetables

Finally, the family settled in Chongwe, intending to start again. Patrick’s mother was able to find a one-room house for her and her children. She was able to pay the rent and feed her children one small meal a day by selling vegetables to neighbors in the community.

The house has no electricity or running water, but it is a roof over their head and a door that locks to provide protection. It is an hour’s walk to fetch water for the family.

Patrick and his siblings desperately want to help their mother. They work within the business by carrying baskets of vegetables to sell throughout the community.

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Patrick in SchoolHope for a Future

Recently, Patrick’s mom heard about African Vision of Hope and the opportunity for free education, nutrition, and clean water. Patrick is now enrolled as a first grader at African Vision of Hope Chongwe. He has an hour and a half walk to school each way but is encouraged and empowered knowing he now has the opportunity for an education.

“I look forward to a time when I will finish school and become a teacher. I will be able to look after my family, especially my mother. I am thankful to AVOH for providing me with free education, the word of God and food.”

Patrick loves school and specifically enjoys drawing and learning. Please pray for Patrick as he pursues his education and dreams of becoming a teacher, helping his family out of poverty.

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