Did you know that you can make cash donations as well as non-cash gifts towards rescuing children and families from extreme poverty in Zambia?

Together, we can use the resources God has given us to leave an impact on eternity. Through your generous giving, lives are being transformed for years to come. As a Legacy Builder Partner, you will have the comfort of knowing you are providing for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of children and families living in extreme poverty, both now and in the future through:


Donor-Advised Funds:

A donor-advised fund is like a charitable investment account that’s only purpose is to support the charitable organizations you support, like African Vision of Hope. When you invest cash, securities or other assets to a donor-advised fund, you are generally eligible to take an immediate tax deduction. Those funds can be invested for growth that is tax-free, and you can donate your investment to any IRS-qualified charity. Donor-advised funds are becoming more and more popular because they are one of the easiest and tax-beneficial ways to give to charity. This also ensures that your donations are being as effective as possible. Learn more HERE.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts:
Memorial gifts are a special way to honor the memory of a loved one while helping children and families living in extreme poverty. If you have a loved one who deeply cares about rescuing children and families from extreme poverty, a meaningful way to honor them or celebrate a special occasion is to establish a Memorial Gift. This gift will be a long-lasting way to honor your family member or loved one and transform the lives of those living in extreme poverty. Memorial gifts can be assigned to any African Vision of Hope fund and can be done individually or as a group. Learn more HERE.

Noncash Assets - Planned Giving

Noncash Assets – Planned Giving:
Caring for the children in this way helps you both save on taxes and transform the lives of children and families living in extreme poverty. You can give asset donations, real estate, stock donations, and automobiles. Learn more HERE.


TRUSTS – Giving after your lifetime means that your generosity will touch generations upon generations of children and families and rescue them from extreme poverty. You can use Trusts to reduce taxes and, if you choose, provide ongoing payments to yourself or your loved ones.
WILLS: Simple, flexible giving from your estate plan through a Will or Revocable Living Trust is one of the easiest ways to offer long-term support to African Vision of Hope. These giving options offer substantial flexibility because you can change your mind at any time. Giving to African Vision of Hope through a Will or Revocable Living Trust allows you to give a designated amount or provide a percentage of your estate. Learn more about giving through trusts/wills HERE.

Thank you for using the gifts that God has given you to make an impact on eternity!