When Leonard’s college is on break, you can find him in one of two places – helping out in the sewing department at the African Vision of Hope home office, or student teaching in one of our classrooms.


Leonard became a student at African Vision of Hope in 2010 when he was in the 8th grade (pictured to the left). His single mother could not afford to send him and his siblings to school. She was overjoyed to hear about African Vision of Hope, a free school for children just like Leonard. Her burden was lifted. 

Today, through a scholarship you are helping provide, Leonard is in college, studying to receive his Bachelors of Primary Education at Chalimbana University in Zambia.

“I am in my second term of my third year of college, which has quickly become my favorite term. The university gave us the privilege to choose where we would do our student teaching and I did not hesitate to choose African Vision of Hope Christian School.”


Leonard was welcomed back to campus with open arms and has been assigned to teach 6th grade English and Social Studies, which are his areas of specialization. “My experience student teaching at African Vision of Hope has been awesome. I have learned so much from the head teachers and enjoyed my time with each and every student. I have a passion to teach children and love interacting with them. They are each so special and unique and have bright futures. It was a privilege and a joy to come back to where I was given this opportunity and provide the same quality education I was gifted.”

“I am so grateful for the love and free education I received at African Vision of Hope. Without your help, I would not be where I am today, and my dream of becoming a teacher would have no hope of being achieved.” – Leonard

When you give, you are providing college scholarships to the future leaders of Zambia. You are transforming generations from illiterate to educated, from powerless to leader, and from poverty to possibility. With your support, young men and women will have the opportunity to make changes in their communities and country that will impact generations. Education changes everything.

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