As you may know, exciting news came in from Zambia last week – all of our students have been able to return to school! Prior to last week, only select grades were able to return. Now, every student is able to return.


This year has not been easy for anyone, but imagine living in a developing country. There has been no online learning, no way for students to stay connected to one another and no way for us to stay connected to our students. More importantly, there were very few opportunities to make sure these children were receiving love and care.

But the day we have been waiting for since March has arrived and our students were able to return to school! These students have missed nearly four months of classes when they are usually on a year-round school schedule.

Once the Zambian government made the decision to re-open schools our Zambian leadership staff made plans and preparations for this much-anticipated event. Students were elated to hear the news they would be able to rejoin their friends and teachers. Soon, they would have a hot meal and full belly for the first time in a long time.


Staff on both sides of the globe wondered, after six months without reliable nutrition, medical care and clean water, how would our students look? How many would return, and how many had been forced into child labor or marriage?
When we opened the gates, children came pouring in. They ran and hugged their friends and embraced their teachers. It was a beautiful sight and an answer to prayer.
Here’s how you can pray for us:

  • Pray our students stay healthy and motivated to stay in school.
  • Pray the children settle back into their routines smoothly and teachers continue pouring out love and encouragement as they inspire a deep love for learning and a love for Jesus.
  • Pray for the communities where our students and their families live. The virus has caused enormous economic strain and many families are suffering.

As we all begin our new normal we are grateful for the part you play in the lives of the children and families we serve in Zambia.