As 2020 comes to an end, we look back on the year and reminisce about everything we are thankful for. Although this year had its fair share of challenges, there are still many reasons to celebrate. African Vision of Hope was able to build more classrooms than ever before. This means more students will be rescued and given a life-transforming education! The evidence of God’s provision is everywhere we look, and He has poured out his blessings through your generosity. Because you stepped in, much has been accomplished across the globe this year, including…

  • 598 communities were impacted
  • 885,131 hot lunches were served
  • 8,000 people are provided clean water every day
  • 3,250 children are provided an education daily
  • 546 students have completed high school to date
  • 140 graduates have received college scholarships to date
  • 56 men and women have graduated seminary
  • 263 communities have been impacted by seminary graduates
  • 76,670 individuals were provided education and life-saving services
  • 11,373 volunteer hours were performed by more than 200 volunteers and mission team members
  • Over $1.6 million was given to transform lives across the globe

All of this is because of YOU. “Thankful” seems too small of a word to describe the gratitude the students and staff at African Vision of Hope feel in their hearts. These students are living out God’s plan for their lives and are becoming leaders in their country and community. Thank you for making 2020 a year of hope and transformation. Here’s to an incredible and impactful 2021! We can’t wait to show you what your continued support will do.