Ruth (pictured) crushes rocks to earn $1 per day. How does a family of 5 live on this meager amount? Spoiler alert: they can’t.


35-year-old Ruth lives in a shanty compound in Zambia. Her Daughter, Alinety (pictured), is in the 3rd grade at African Vision of Hope School in Kabulonga. She and her husband have two other children. Their family is unlike many Zambian families because both parents are still living. This is a true blessing and a big reason why they are able to survive.

Ruth and her husband do odd jobs or “piece work” each day and earn 800 Kwatcha ($35 USD) per month. They pay $22 in rent, leaving them with $13 to spend on food, water, medical care, and other daily essentials.

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When we met Ruth (pictured) she had just purchased enough food and supplies to last their family three days: charcoal to cook, beans, onions, tomatoes, and a small portion of sausage. This cost her almost four days’ earnings. She will also have to pay for water, which she has to walk to fetch every day. Their family shares one bar of soap that has to last them a month.

In Zambia, education is not free. Schools charge fees for admission and school supplies. In Ruth’s family, there is no money left over at the end of the month to pay for an expense like this. The fact that her daughter is going to school at African Vision of Hope and receives a free education allows their family to spend their money on survival instead of school.

Ruth prays her daughter won’t always have to live this life of daily struggle, and her dream is for Alinety to finish school. Your giving feeds, educates, provides medical care and clean water for, and disciples children like Alinety who would otherwise be left sitting outside the gates. You are alleviating the burden of families like hers.


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