When you choose to sponsor a child, you open doors for children who never had a chance before. Children like Obvious C.

Obvious was an obvious choice to be selected as Head Boy at African Vision of Hope School in Kabulonga. Coming from a family of 12 siblings gave him tons of experience in managing the masses. Obvious’s siblings are all from different fathers. His home life was turbulent, but he never let this distract him from his studies. When he was in the 8th grade at a government school, Obvious left home to live with an older sister. This is when he discovered African Vision of Hope School.

Obvious helping a fellow student with her studies

“Ever since I started school at African Vision of Hope, I have not only received a free education but also accepted Christ into my life as my personal Lord and Savior. I have discovered my God-given abilities as a leader. My character and performance in class helped me to be chosen as the head boy at the Kabulonga School. I have learned that, as a leader, I need to be social with my fellow pupils, delegate tasks to fellow prefects and students, and that, most importantly, everyone is important.”

Your sponsorship does not go unnoticed. Obvious says, “As the Head Boy I have learned how to solve problems and put the interest of others before my own because I see the way our sponsors help us achieve our dreams through education.” Some of Obvious’s duties as head boy are to help students who are struggling socially and academically, and also making sure school rules are followed and the campus is kept clean. He leads by example and shows others what it looks like to respect teachers and do what is right.

“African Vision of Hope is not just teaching us; they are equipping us to fulfill God’s purpose. Sponsorship gives us a free education which is the greatest gift we have ever received. I now know that everyone was born for a purpose. We can all be leaders. Thank you for helping the vulnerable and orphans. I cannot wait to finish school and use the leadership skills I have learned to impact my country.”

Because of you, Obvious is following his dreams and discovering God’s purpose for his life. Sponsor a student like Obvious today!

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