Pictured: Joseph, a sponsored Law School student, visited the Zambian African Vision of Hope office during a school break.


As an orphaned child, Joseph couldn’t picture his life outside of the poverty he faced each day. “My siblings and I did not just lose our parents, we also lost the property and possessions they had. We were divided up and sent to live with different families.”

When he heard there was a school offering free education for orphans like him, he applied and was accepted. In 2012, Joseph was among the first class to graduate from African Vision of Hope School. After graduation, he went on to earn a Bachelors of Law degree with a scholarship you helped provide.

(Pictured: Joseph as an African Vision of Hope student in 2010, and Joseph graduating with his bachelor’s degree in 2018)

Student 2

Today, Joseph is continuing his education in law school and has been working hard to complete his courses online due to the pandemic. He takes the bar exam this month. He wrote a letter to thank you for the transformation you have brought to his life – and the lives of thousands of children just like him.

“I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to you for giving me a bright future. You are empowering the lives of many Zambian children, like me, through education.

I am just a person with ideas. I hope my ideas will make people have something to live for, reduce the inequalities our society faces, and protect the rights of children who cannot protect themselves. But, my ideas cannot be accomplished without the help of others. I thank the Almighty for you, for giving life to my ideas.”  – Joseph

(Pictured: Joseph working probono at the Legal Aid Board as part of his college requirements)

Every day, children are being rescued from extreme poverty through education. Because of college scholarships, young men and women, like Joseph, are being empowered to be world-changers. They are becoming agents of change in their communities and country. Give a college scholarship to a waiting student today.

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