In the rural village of Chongwe there lives a special grandmother named Annie Semu. Every day she is up at 4 a.m., making sure there is hot water for breakfast and washing.  Annie makes sure her grandchildren they have eaten breakfast before they start the long walk to school because she understands how important education is to their future. She has been taking care of her 9 grandchildren ever since her daughter died of AIDS.

These kids are the first in their village to attend school. Without this rural African Vision of Hope school, Annie’s grandchildren would not have the opportunity to be educated. In Zambia, many girls are sold into marriage by the time they are 13 and families struggle to provide 1 meal a day. In the Semu’s village, this depends on the small plot of land the family farms and the abundance of rain for a good harvest. Hunger hits their village hard, and many children lose the battle to fight illnesses such as malaria and worms due to malnutrition.

African Vision of Hope is bringing together communities like this one so they can lift themselves out of poverty by working together, keeping children in school, providing clean water for the village and engaging caretakers and parents in the future of their children.

Because of you, the Semu children will be equipped to go into their community ready to work hard, pursue college, or have a career; changing the future of their village and Zambia.

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